Who is Unique Meats and how free range venison is changing the food world?

Unique Meats is a family owned business and premier provider of exotic meat from ranches across the Hill Country & South Texas shipping directly to local butchers, restaurants and everyday consumers. Unique Meats humanely delivers premier exotic meat from the field to the table.The animals harvested are naturally raised on grass, free of steroids and medications. 

We specialize in field harvesting animals in their natural environment to causes less stress to the animals and a vital step to the production of the highest quality product. Our products have a distinguished and refined taste as our 12-18 day aging process allows for the meat to develop ultimate flavor perfection before freezing and shipping for your exotic dining pleasure.

What sets us apart from others is that we incorporate a state of the art mobile processing facility allowing Unique Meats to source the best ranches throughout Texas. We also include the state of Texas inspector onsite during the harvest to certify the quality of the meat as its prepared to ship directly to local butchers, restaurants and everyday consumers.

As an ongoing commitment to the future growth and success of our company we will ensure only an exclusive level of service. We consider our customers as part of our extended family and guarantee to provide you with the best quality product and over all experience.

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