Unique Meats-Go Wild Program


Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free, Free Range, Pasture Raised, 100% All-Natural


The Unique Meats Difference:
  • State-of-the-art mobile processing facilities-harvested under strict USDA inspection.
  • We specialize in field harvesting animals in their natural environment to causes less stress to the animals and a vital step to the production of the highest quality product
  • Our products have a distinguished and refined taste as our 12-18-day aging process allows for the meat to develop ultimate flavor perfection
  • Unique Meats operate under a 100-percent closed-loop system from the Ranch through distribution
  • We can offer a full variety of Sub-Primal Cuts in large master cases, as well as single pack cases, portion cut steaks, cut to your specifications
  • We ensure an exclusive level of consistency in product & the highest level of service

Venison Cuts (Axis, South Texas Nilgai Antelope, Sika, Blackbuck Antelope, Fallow, Oryx)

Saddle Chops, Racks, Medallions, Tenderloins, Strip Loins, Shoulder, Stew, Osso Bucco, Ground, Denver Leg, Trim, Bones, Sausage 

Wild Boar Cuts:

Whole Carcass, Saddle Chops, Racks, Shoulder, Stew Meats, Lollipops Chops, Osso Bucco, Shanks, Trim, Bellies, Sausage (Handcrafted sausage can be made from many recipes)

Quail Cuts

Semi Boneless, Whole, Breast Medallions, Knots, Leg & Thigh, Bacon wrapped Breasts


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